Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Birthday: Alan and Jason (2010 Finale)

MIA from my once very passionate hobby, blogging... and this is quite common and considering this is not the first time and of course there is a reason behind of everything and it's no exceptional for this as well, but I think I'm not going to take up your time reading my not so interesting excuses...^______^" so I decided to drop it off for the time being...and lets move on...

So WASSUP! This round back from MIA, I redeemed this blog again with a whole new look with additional of a few new features and I hope that this will at least gives you a fresh new feeling while visiting my humble photowork studio. Okay now, I will try to introduce it in another separate post and let me continue with my long overdue posts.

I'll start and end the Project Birthday season 1 series with Alan and Jason the November boys lunch treat at Tony Romas.

Start kicking in with Birthday Boy Alan in B&W (please pardon me with the distance as I only had 17-50mm with me =____=)


and Birthday Boy Jason (the new joiner), also in B&W...


Enough with the Birthday Boys happy faces....LOL!!!

That day itself, I only managed to take photograph of my own food and even with that, I can't recall what's the name of it.... ^_______^"' Anyway, here's the photo of it....


Since no food photos, then I'll just proceed to our groupies...

As usual, I always love to test shooting to get the correct exposure and ambient light...


And here is the final shot of year 2010!!!


Good Bye Project Birthday 2010! and thanks to all for making ours project a successful one. I'm hoping to see something different and improves if there's a season 2 for Project Birthday....

a700-banner - r---Nov2009.jpg

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