Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Joy of Yu Sang

It has been so many years that during my grandpa's time till today my dad...they have been preparing Yu Sang during every Chinese New Year. They will invite their relatives and friends over and Lou Sang!

One will never forget the taste and crave for another round after they first tried. I guarantee that these can hardly be found anywhere in town. Don't believe? It's's faith though...hehe.. ^______^"

Here's a few shots of the Yu Sang ready for serving...


Yu Sang should have 7 types of colors combination...that's's so colorful...but rest assured...there's no artificial coloring's all natural..


There are so many types of ingredients and spices...but just couldn't easily name it here.... :P


The most important thing during the preparation is that, make sure all the ingredients are fresh especially the fish. You got to make sure it's still alive in the morning...


Speaking of that...hmmm I got to wait till next year before I got to enjoy the lovely, delicate Yu Sang!

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