Monday, April 26, 2010

New Toy In The House!

I have thought of to pass this posting...but my hand still feel itchy. Finally I got the bite...the apple that was bitten...hehe..

Frankly speaking, I couldn't sleep well ever since I got to know that DiGi is finally launching the iPhone! Yes, I'm a loyal DiGi customer or else I would have jump ship over to Maxis 1 year ago.

DiGi is offering an affordable least to me which I couldn't resist...and so I decided to bring this home the moment it hit the DiGi stores..

Okay...lets skip all the crap in the middle of purchasing story while I snag the iPhone straight to the screen....


I always dream to own an Apple product...and now my dream comes true with this first member...

DSC01832's time to un-boxed this little monster...


Now I got my new Pal in the league...welcome


At first, I was thinking to get a 16GB Black version, but somehow, the moment the DiGi staff asked me which model I wish to bring back home with me....without a second doubt, I pointed at the 32GB, but it's still the Black one. Then the staff told me that the Black is out of stock, how about the White one? OK, don't think so much, just get it anyway...cause I can't wait no more...


White very nice kan?!

Now, first time booting was not done by myself....DiGi staff took the virginity of my Pal...^___^" actually, they need to un-brick first before we can use it...I guess this is Apple story....

Nevermind, I'll still show you the boot up screen...:P


TADAAA!!! My new PAL in my collections...and it has a name though....STICKY...why? Cause I found the iPhone can't live without me, and it can be seen always staying close to me without leaving my palm for too long... ^____^"


a700-banner - r---Nov2009.jpg

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