Saturday, May 01, 2010

IP Man 2

Movie time!!! Just watched Ip Man 2 today with my family, and the movie is SUPERB!!! As of this writing, I still feel like want to watch it again.


The story plotting, fighting scenes, and especially the duel with the 'Guai Lou'...all are still spinning in my head...I'M LOVING IT! I must say, KUDOS to Wilson Yip, Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung for making it happen again after the first Ip Man movie being brought to us during end of 2008. It's a must watch movie, and I rate it 10/10!!!


  1. This is the best martial art movie I have ever watch so far. Kudos to HK Movie Workers for making things happen. Although there's a lot of restrictions from the mainland, they still deliver a good movie. They have set a new benchmark for coming martial art films, especially Wong Kar Wai, hehe.

  2. Aduh....Wong Kar Wai cannot lar...Wilson Yip/Wong Bak Ming already managed to produce 2 movies sequel on Ip Man...that fella still editing to his own style...^____^"