Monday, July 20, 2009

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen


Still remember I was so keen to watch this long waited movie. Normally what I'll do is to purchase the movie ticket via online payment. Ever since I know that TGV is having online booking service, I keep on trying to perform the transaction but none was successful. I really hate it when they advertised it to public that they have online payment booking system where actually they are not ready at all.

GSC online payment booking was far...but not until when I started to loose faith on them ever since I got the blardy damn message showing the GSC server was totally shot down. Still remember the 3 post back? Yeah...that's the one...

Ever since I don't get my chance to purchase the ticket via internet...I left no choice but to use the old fashion way....queue lor! Hey! You know what....I queued less that an hour and I managed to get 2 different movies tickets. One is Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs and of course.....Transformers 2!

Before I watched this movie, I read a lot from the internet comments that this round Michael Bay failed in this mission. This movie was not as interesting as predicted and most important, they said it was lame and no logic.

I would like to ask a question to all that complained this movie here not good and there not enough, where on earth you think transformer appear in our real life? Do you realized that there's no need logic or very much story plotting for this movie? Come on man, lets enjoy the movie, it's just for entertainment. I like how Bumblebee fought in the desert and crush that kitty cat with his bare hand. Not forgetting Optimus Prime was battling on one against three. He fought so well if only Megatron did not stabbed him from his back.

Frankly speaking I enjoy watching it and had no regret. You want action, they give it all out to you! Watch it or not, it's up to you. Hey, think of the sexiest lady on earth, Megan Fox, isn't it worth while watching? ^_____^"' Anyhow, remember not to get bothered by the majority of the comments and critics, watch it, feel it on your own.

I rate this movie with a 7/10!

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  1. I'll rate this movie 10/10.
    Its really a great movie. Catching my attention from the 1st second until the ending....
    When ever I heard "New Devide" I'll feel wanna watch the movie again. =p