Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ip Man, 叶问

I just finished watching the movie, Ip Man(eep.mun), the biopic of Wing Chun Grandmaster life in the year 1930's to 1940's taking place in Fo Shan, a place famous with Chinese martial arts. (Still remember Wong Fei Hung???)


This movie was super was nice...damn nice instead...Donnie Yen is the man again together with Sammo Hung and Wilson Yip talents. Yes...this movie really makes me WHOAAA!!!! So what are you waiting for????I'm not going to tell you stories here...It's a MUST WATCH MOVIE before year 2009! I rate it 8.5/10! Why not 10/10? Because I was hoping the movie can be a little longer... ^____^"'


  1. when can be downloaded online eh?

  2. A super movie this year! Donnie Yen rocks!

  3. i have heard the movie but not yet watch.But i think it's worth a try.