Sunday, November 16, 2008

Panorama Thean Hou Temple

I think almost 3 weeks ago...I took a half day off on Friday and went to makan best in the world food...ehem* LoL!!! I will tell more on this "Best in the World" thingy in the later post. On the way back after makan....suddenly saw this Thean Hou temple and thought that I might want to visit there since I've not been there before....(yes...tak pernah I pergi) .... So lets go there...

But this single post, I will only show one photo...and it's my first time attempting on panorama....

Tian Hou Panorama1 - R.jpg

Will tell more on how to do it before and after in the coming go to sleep first...good nite...LoL!!!

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