Thursday, October 23, 2008

Light Painting

Right after the Sony Alpha Convention...I really learned a lot of photography techniques and some essential way of exploring more deeper into photography and of course....what can I get from my photography. I felt contained...and start to think the unusual way of doing photography(at least for me at this stage)....

So...with my new flash in my hand...I tried to play with it as much as I could...I'm trying to understand more on lighting issue in photography....hence...I suddenly thought of one of the speaker during the Alpha Convention, Darren Chang told us about light painting. In this context...Light Painting is a kind of technique where you keep on flashing the light source towards the subject from different angles (it's up to you). In order to achieve the effectiveness of light's advisable to do it in a almost complete dark room with no other distracting light source. Light source other than the flash unit is fatal to the result of light painting.

Initially I wanted a good product shoot...but I do not have light tent, and other form of light source...I only had one flash unit and it's not enough to create the good effect on a particular product shoot. So I do this light painting with a simple set up in my room to do the the beginning I don't know how well it will work....but surprisingly the end result was pleasing....


Here's what I camera setting was as follow:-
Exposure => Bulb Mode
Aperture => F20
Focal Length => 130mm
Lens => Minolta 70-210mm F4 (Beercan)
Room lighting => Lights off

So...that's it....what do you think? It's worth trying it by's all about experimenting by yourselves.

Next...I'll talk more on's light snoot. ^_^

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