Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding-thon: Lets Go Home!

Sorry for no blog update on yesterday as I went for a hangout session with my buddies till today's early morning... ^____^"

Back to then...more photos of Foo Yee and Maggie

DSC02738 - BW.jpg

I don't know that they can be this funny....hehe

DSC02751 - BW.jpg

"Ei! Serious sikit can ar?!" LOLZ!

Foo Yee even show us the "terkejut" (shocked) face!

DSC02759 - BW.jpg

Then when they came to serious a bit...

DSC02769 - BW.jpg

For the Grooms Men! Mission Accomplished!

DSC02794 - BW.jpg

And now the Groom and the Bride can proceed back to Seremban...YIPPEE!!!

DSC02811 - BW.jpg

Posing again before going back to Seremban!

DSC02826 - BW.jpg

And here...they're back!

DSC02895 - BW.jpg

Congratulations again to Foo Yee and Maggie!

Done! No more photos coz...I skipped it all after the last photo I took... ^___^

a700 banner - r.jpg

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