Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wedding-thon: Gan CH and Tracy

I'm always looking forward to attend each of my friend's wedding as "Heng Dai" as I always found it was real fun through out the event, even though it's hectic and tiring...

Back in September, an old friend decided to move forward a step...a step with a total change of perspective....Gan & Tracy had tied the knot from that point onwards!

We as "Heng Dai" have to reach Gan's house before eight in the morning...and here are some pics of me taken with buddies before the event kick-off...




Before I got enough time to camho more....here's the Bridegroom...ready to go!



So...when the time has come..."Heng Daisss" lets roll out.....meet the "Ji Muisss"

Along the way to fetch the Bride....all the silly and illegal moved was recorded...and here's the paparazzi spotted in action...



More photos in next coming post!

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