Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Style, New Banner...

Some new idea just came across my mind. Remember I had a status in Facebook mentioning that I'm damn free for this weekend...I don't mean it's work related...but somehow it's regarding my own weekend lifestyle. It's pretty bored...then I again simply think of something to play with....first I play with my guitar....trying some recording stuff using my Nokia Tube...then I try to blog in a very hot day( I don't have any air-cond) sigh....sienzzz...and my mom wanted to go for tea-ing....and we went to Old Town at Jusco Seremban 2.....and I had this....

18042009189 - R.jpg

But by just taking this pic and post it via to facebook and so on....doesn't really spice up my I decided to blog it here...but I want this to be in a total different category of posting...and again I got inspired by I just freshly baked from oven, the new banner..."kenzio freestyle....weekend style, weekend dreamz". And from this point onwards...whenever I got bored and wanted to post something about my weekend....this new banner will be attached.

kenzio freestyle - r.jpg
5800 Banner-R.jpg

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