Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Minimal Garden

What will you do if you have a not really big not small area next to your house?! ....and of course it's in your compound lar! I have chosen this....


A minimal garden is my choice. Not having lots of plants or trees or even fruit trees...but some will do...just use it to color that area. In order not to have something super minimal...here I have a mini canopy in the way with the transparent poly-carbonate roofing (credits to my sister and mom) to bring in some lights for that little area. By having the transparent roofing, that area as well as the inner hall won't be darken.

So...the theme is still simplicity cause...it looks clean bright white...with not too minimal setting. It's just nice for me. Hopefully I can bring in more introduction to my new plants in my coming post as the plants grow bushier... ^____^

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