Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taman Ayun

Please pardon me for pausing the post for a few days as I was too busy with my office work. Okay...back on the was the 3rd day in Bali....the first half was with the conference and the second half was a long awaiting moment....the complementary half day tour...YAY!...Lets GO!

First...they brought us to do some shopping at a shop along the way to our visiting we stopped by....


I didn't buy anything from here as this place doesn't pull out any interest from lets move to the next destination...Taman Ayun, a one of the largest temple on the island.

Along the way to Taman Ayun, it's quite jam and the road is damn narrow and it's like kampung we're not going any faster...I snap something from inside the bus...


They have lotsa stone and wood crafting...and it's very huge but unique in their way.

After like say almost one hour riding.... we finally reach here....


Along the way...we're allowed only to walk the perimeter and we can look inside the temple over a wall fencing. But I still love how they had their things crafted...


Ain't it brilliant? and this as well... the closed entrance posing full of mysteries behind it....


But one thing they did told us that....once the elders passed away...they will be buried in the hall at the temple.....and these looks like graveyard to me...



Before we left the temple...I also posed with the temple a bit lar...LoL!!!


We didn't stay there long...cause...we had a better place...a better view....a better mission for us to accomplish...lets go there!!!


Guess where we are now? What that we can't afford to miss? The time there was 5 something....

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