Sunday, June 15, 2008

Testing on Reverse Macro....

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I was reading on a forum and happen to come across a photography technique so called reverse macro. Reverse macro is done by using a lens mounting to the camera body in a reverse manner. OMG,'s reverse....but how to do it? And I learned that there's a thing so called "Reverse Macro adapter". it's use to mount on another lens which is normally attach to the camera and another lens for the reverse position to mount on it...and got it now and can start to take some serious macro. How serious it can be? I had done some testing during my very very free until nothing better to do....but it's done without the adapter. I just hold the lens using my hand as I don't have any adapter. So here I used the combination lenses of my kit lens 18-70mm and the 50mm as the reverse lens.

First, I have to use folded paper piece to manipulate the aperture actuator so that it's open wide at f/1.7. Without the hand can be unstable to hold onto a position still to take a real close macro hence I used a tripod to aid me in this.

How near is near for the minimum focal distance? My kit lens requires a minimum distance of 38cm from the subject and the prime lens requires a minimum distance of 45cm from the subject. But, with this combination.....transformation to a reverse macro lenses, it has take the lens a huge distance nearer to the subject to create a serious macro situation where the minimum focal distance is in between 1cm-2cm. Isn't it great? Below are the results from my little testing.....

This was the subject for my testing...letter opener...


Here's the result from the reverse macro technique....


Does this looks real near to you? It looks like a life size subject to me...^_^"

There you go....a 100% crop from the above pic....


The IQ acceptable kan? I think it could be even better if I use an adapter to aid me. So you feel like want to play around with it....maybe with some interesting say....a bug or insect?


  1. Hey, this effect is very nice!!
    I love the vivid details captured using this effect. Especially the sharp wording "Singapore" with the blurry effect in the background.

  2. ahahaha....nice? shall try it with an insect

  3. Wow! The effect is impressive!!! Can I know what camera are u using? I love photogrphy too! ^^

  4. Princess Gladys....thx for your visit and glad that you like the effect....but the effect is real straight out from touch up has been done You can refer to the post header....there's a banner stated what camera I'm using...btw...I'm using Sony Alpha A700...