Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seng LuV Hua - Post Finale

Here's the last part of the wedding banquet of Ser. After the self-camwhoring's about to start...

All the guests were almost there already and they were entering to the dining area to look for their seat.

Actually, I did not take much photo of the whole event...but for sure I won't miss the entrance of the newly weds.

If you notice well....there ain't a single photo of me taken together with Ser and wifey. ^_____^"' This is all because those photos were in other cameras and those good and usable photos were not in my possession....sigh....

Now...can everyone please stand up!!!


After a while having the dinner....everyone was like so boring and so we then took a group photo....say cheersss!!! LOL!!!

Finally when everyone was leaving the banquet...saying good bye to each others...we still don't felt like going home at that continue to camwhore lor...

See....acting cute with the souvenirs....haha...okay lar...enough possing lor...good bye to all and once again happy marriage life to Ser and wifey....

The End....Gao dim! ^______^

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