Sunday, April 12, 2009

Minimalistic = Simplicity

I'll resume my blog posting with something very simple. Recently I love things being simply. How actually you can get things around you to look as simple as they could? It's minimal. Keep things to their minimal form and it'll create simplicity out of it.

Guess some of you might know or might not know....I just shifted to my new house. So it had made me to go thru the hectic month of shifting. If I was given a chance to shift again...OMG!!! not again.... ^______^"

So...the following few post will a little relating to my newly shifted home. I've chosen the following photo for this very first post. Don't has no other reason than I'm actually just loving to show to you minimal is my minimal to create the feeling of simplicity....


The new book racks can only fit half of my mom's novel.....sigh...the rest not on the shelf can sell ar?!

Look at the plant....I'm especially loving the green pot. Feel so clean and bright. With the reflection on the floor just make the tiny area to feel so practically spacious. Bright and especially white color can actually minimize everything and makes things look clean and tidy and hence simplicity.

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