Friday, January 30, 2009

Unboxing of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

On the 10th January 2009, I'd decided to bring home my long desired gadget from Nokia. It's their first full touch-screen mobile phone in the series, and they chose to start off with XpressMusic phone which is targeting at the mid-range market.

By accommodating with resistive touch screen and tactile/haptic feedback which brings even more fun when you're typing on it. There are various input method: stylus, plectrum and finger touch support for text input and UI control (alphanumeric keypad, full and mini qwerty keyboard, handwriting recognition).

WIFI and A-GPS are those few features that attract people who loves to have everything in one piece of gadget. (I'm one of them)

With the RRP started off at RM1499 which is the lowest price announced across the globe so far, who's gonna hesitate to get this baby home? ^____^



It launched in Malaysia on the day before I bought it. The reason why I bought it in a rush was due to the headset that they gave it out for FREE for those who pre-ordered from Nokia.

I really love the joy of un-boxing new toys/gadgets/(you name it as long as it's new)


The designed of the box is the same as some previous XpressMusic models. It even can't beat my last Sony Ericsson W800i packaging. But who cares right?


In others region, the XpressMusic phone came together with Music Store services (just like iTunes) which is valid for 1 year(if I'm not mistaken). But in our region, for instance Malaysia, does not carry this services, hence they packed in a free 1000 songs voucher where you can download from I myself haven't gone through the songs download, coz I don't think that I'm gonna need it either way.... ^__^"'





Features packed not only meant in the phone only, but also in the box package as well. Myself haven't seen this quite a while from Nokia. It's full of must have accessories packaged together. There's USB data cable, A/V out cable, extra stylus, rubberish like pouch, phone stand, quick charger, music headset, stylus plectrum in wrist strap, 8GB microSDHC, user guide and a mini DVD. Now, tell me, what else is missing??? The answer should be enough....^___^


My first time ever connected with Symbian Phone, the experience on it is pretty well going. The touch experience was very responsive, a way lot better than many others brand. I can use my finger(not restricted to finger nails only like most of them do), stylus plectrum (most convenient input device as it was hang on the wrist strap) and the pen stylus (I only use it once in a while).

The size of it is just so sweet feeling on my palm, being not too wide so that i can operate it with just one handed at most of the time. But just do bear in mind that touch screen phone is always finger prints magnet. You'll probably find me wiping the phone very frequently. ^___^

Having a crystal clear 3.2" wide screen with nHD (640 x 360)resolution is absolutely a plus plus/ a gift. it's very eye catchy and you're not going to deny it. Of course, don't compare it with Iphone, coz the pricing is so much different. With this pricing from Nokia packed with all the features you are enjoying from it, I'm going to pass Iphone this round.

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