Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic In-Depth

There's always imperfections in every product/gadgets, so most important thing that we should bear in mind is that, know the pros and cons before purchasing it, and if only you can live with it, then what else should have bother you?

Before I got this phone, I've read enough anything related to it, be it good or bad, I want to know everything about it. First, there's reported that the hearing earpiece is having problem where the volume will go soft back and forth. Then the built quality, some said that there's light leakage at the top corner, due to it's plastic built. Some software/firmware problem also being reported.

Be it firmware/software, it all can be corrected by Nokia, so no worries. If it's a hardware problem, just send it back to Nokia Care Center and they'll fix it in no time. So, it's still fixable... ^____^ don't keep on complaining coz you should know things well before you purchase it. I chose to get over minor problems and live with it and hence I'm a happy owner here....I'm loving it!


There are also complaints on the camera pics and video quality. The quality is horrible when it's taken indoor under low light condition. But it looks normal when taken under bright day sunlight. So people should know what to expect...but I still believe that this can be improve by fixing by firmware. Lets wait and see....


It's a 3.5G (HSDPA) phone, so a front camera is a must. But this does not applies to Iphone 3G (Sad CAN!). A proximity sensor is placed next to the front camera. It's use to dim the screen when we put the phone next to our ear when talking over the phone so that we won't accidentally hit any button unnecessary. Or we can use it to silence any incoming calls by just turning the screen over facing the base surface. The use of proximity sensor is very long lasting due to it detects the target presence without the object touching on it and it doesn't has any mechanical parts.


Just located at the bottom of the front camera, it's a quick launch media touch. By tapping on it, it will drop down a list of multimedia shortcuts such as Music Player, Photo Gallery, Video Center, Sharing Online and Web Browsing. It's kinda sweet to have it there....


The next good to have feature is the 3.5mm jack. It's really convenient for any music lover around. They can use not only proprietary headset but any commercial to high-end headset from others with a 3.5mm (Standard Jack) can be paired with it. Isn't it a good one?


Now the SIM card and Memory card can be slot-in without having to open the back cover. It's located at the side of the phone with 2 doors to access to each. Now the memory card is hot swappable. But one not so good thing is that, whenever you want to remove the SIM card, you still need to remove the back cover as well as the battery and with the aid of the pen stylus to push it out. Lucky I'm not those who love to use more than one SIM Card with only one phone option. LOL!!!


The designed of the stereo speaker is so attractive(at least to me) and I do think that it's so damn nice and sexy. The stereo sound output is pretty good and it's loud enough even it's not yet reaching full bar, at least a lot better than my previous first generation Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson.


My conclusion is very simple. If you're planning to get any phone, not just this 'TUBE', do your homework, study it kaw-kaw....make up your mind...and you should be able to have the answer in the end of the day. To me, this phone is indeed very sweet to own one...still have doubt? Go and try one in any Nokia Concept stores or borrow from your friends. I then doubt you can resist it..... ^_____^"'

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