Sunday, August 17, 2008

Italianies - The Curve

Last Friday, I went for dinner with my sister at the Curve. We scouted around for foods and most important thing must have a big TV with Astro showing Olympic games, LoL!!!

Okay...then here we got one...the Italianies next to Laundry Bar. The atmosphere was good...opposite it was the Damansara Cineleisure...creating the environment with good ambient...overall it was really we went in and chose a good spot for TV. ^_^"

After we made our order...and while waiting for food to be served...the warm from oven bread was served to welcome our hungry stomach.


After our last lesson from Coconut House, I now ordered some very light and appetizer kicking beverages instead....


Then a cocktail for my sis...


It was lucky that we didn't ordered lotsa was just 2 main course....


There are 2 versions of the is the plain angel hair and the other one was the one we was with chicken meat. The portion was really huge and it's enough for 3-4 serving. Although it's big...but the taste didn't went mad at's just nice..not too dry...the sauce was just enough to wet my mouth....but surprisingly...we can finished it!

Then the next dish was this....can't really remember what's this call...


The sauce was really don't really get the heavy feel after you've ate it. The sour taste really works though it's not the main taste of it. The chicken meat was really soft and can easily work out and eat hassle at all for those who are lazy.

After eating...what else...we pay costs RM 90.20 excluding taxes and service charges. I bet you won't ask me where's this place right....??? Read the title...LOL!!!

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  1. Hi Kenzio, I also went to Italiannies at The Gardens Midvalley. The service is very good.
    I also ordered the same food as you. Got the angel hair pasta and the potato chicken. Very expensive.
    I prefer Chilis and TGIF.

  2. Whoa...coincidence huh! LoL!...the prices compared to others are like almost the same....and the portion provided was really a thumbs up for them...I love Chilis and TGIF as well...aahahaha!!!

  3. I tried the Italianies in the OneUtama too; If not mistaken we are ordering soup + steak + tiramisu; Well, the meals turn up to be so so... maybe i m not picking up the "right" decision. Anyway feel that it is over-priced, therefore i only go once :-D